Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile interviewing Marek Zagórski, Minister of Digital Affairs
The fact that I’m interviewing you is something new for me – usually I’m the one being interviewed. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have this sort of conversation with you. Of course the most important questions that I’m going to ask concern digitalisation, a matter that is also important for my telco industry. In my opinion, business and local authorities should go hand in hand in order to digitalise society. That’s why my first question is: What do you think about this acceleration of digitalisation and its impact on the daily lives of Poles? Do you see more opportunities or threats in future?
Generally speaking, when we consider new solutions from a historical perspective, they have had a positive impact on human functioning and development. Thanks to development and progress, we can for example live longer. Although, we still have to solve the issue of world hunger, we are doing better and better in this respect. That is why we should look at this matter from a broader perspective. And this long-term perspective shows us that various innovations, just like the printing press in the past, have helped us develop as humanity. Thus, when looking at these new technologies, we should perceive them as an opportunity.